Wednesday Evening Rides: These rides are particularly popular. Some ride them very quickly, but others take a more leisurely pace. Various distances are available and dinner often follows.



Ride Cancellation Policy: In general, rides are not cancelled. For almost any weather condition, there is likely to be one or more willing riders. Thus, ride leaders should be sure to attend even if conditions are very poor and they don’t plan to ride.


Terrain: Abbreviations are used in the ride descriptions to describe how flat or hilly a ride is. Note that these ratings are approximate, and are an average for a ride –some rides have long flat segments along with some very hilly segments.

Code Description Feet of Climbing/Mile
F Flat route <10
F/R Flat to Rolling 11 – 22
gR generally Rolling 21 – 30
RH Rolling to Hilly 31 – 45
sH somewhat Hillier 46 – 60
VH Very Hilly > 60