Hello All,
From this day on please use the new OCC List Serv   –  occ2@onondagacyclingclub.org 
The “test” list serv  occ_test@onondagacyclingclub.org will be disabled and no longer available.
The “old” list serv occ@lists.onondagacyclingclub.org will remain enabled for a short period of time.
Why do we have a new list serv?
Bluehost, the company that provides our web hosting services, does not allow for email throughput (750/hr) that is adequate for our needs.  The result is that we would see emails dropped on the list serv. Some people would get them, some would not.   We would also see emails to certain domains not get delivered due to SPAM rules.
For the “occ2” list serv,  we are using a 3rd party package, DadaMail, to send our emails over to Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES).  Using an industrial strength email service such as Amazon SES will solve our throughput restriction (now at 50,000/day with a max throughput of 14/sec), as well as have a high deliverability rate due to Amazon being a trusted mail origin.
Do I have to do anything ?
All of the email addresses have been ported over to the new list as well as the delivery preferences. If you find something amiss, please contact me directly (goetke1@yahoo.com).  
In summary,   send any list serv messages to occ2@onondagacyclingclub.org
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me.
Brian Goetke
On behalf of Web Team




  1. brewer13210 says:

    We had a forum in the past, and it was rarely used. The Facebook page seems to fill in for the type of discussions that can be hosted in a forum.

  2. Frank says:

    Why not have a forum instead of a listserv? I know listserv advocates claim it keeps people more engaged because they’re already reading emails and don’t have to go to a website and login, but I don’t believe that. First, people only have to login once in a forum and have it remember them, not every single time they visit. Second, the problem with listservs is that there’s no organization. You get every message whether you want to read it or not. That creates problems itself where people get tired of having too many emails to read and tune out, especially if I already have a lot of emails from other sources to go through first. Contrast that with a forum where you read only the topics you want to read. You can’t search through the messages in a listserv, either, and trying to follow a single active discussion from beginning to end is nearly impossible because it’s all mixed in with everything else. I stopped subscribing to listservs sometime around 2002. I visit Bikeforums.net at least once every few days and sometimes every day, after joining more than ten years ago.