FAQ graphicOnondaga Cycling Club Frequently Asked Questions

The information provided here is provided for club members and especially new or prospective members.

  • Ride Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where can I find a list/schedule of OCC rides?
      • We have a calendar showing when and where each of our rides start from.  Just click on the date for full ride details.
    • I’m new to cycling, are there any particular OCC rides you would suggest for me?
      • Yes!  The OCC Slow ‘n Easy rides were designed for people who may be new to cycling or looking for rides with a more leisurely pace.  On Tuesdays we have the Slow ‘n Easy West ride, and on Thursdays we have the Slow ‘n Easy East ride from Minoa.  These rides are also included on the OCC Ride Calendar,
    • How fast are OCC rides?
      • OCC Rides are NOT races, and people tend to ride at speeds equal to their fitness and abilities.  Expect that some people will ride at speeds faster than what you might be comfortable with, and other people slower.  Generally after the start of the ride, the group will break in to smaller groups of riders riding at similar speeds.
    • Is anyone in charge of the ride?
      • Yes, each ride has a Ride Leader.  You can find the name, phone number and e-mail address for each ride on the OCC Ride Calendar.  Just before the beginning of each ride, the ride leader will make any announcements regarding the route, road conditions, etc.
    • What time should I show-up for OCC rides?
      • Expect that people will start the ride promptly at the designated start time shown on the ride calendar, so please arrive with plenty of time to unpack your bike .
  • Club Frequently Asked Questions
    • What is the Onondaga Cycling Club?
    • What is the tax/organizational status of the Onondaga Cycling Club?
      • The Onondaga Cycling Club is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.  Our club officers, board of directors and event directors are all volunteers.