Onondaga Cycling Club

Cycling in Central NY since 1972


Fay-5Fayetteville Very Hilly Rides30, 50, 68 milesFayVery Hilly (VH)MapCueSearch Rides
Fay-9Fayetteville, Chitenango, and Caz21, 35 milesFayRolling to Hilly (R-H)Map+CueSearch Rides
Fay-3Fayetteville-Georgetown 100K50, 62 milesFayRolling to Hilly (R-H)Map+CueSearch Rides
Fay-4Fayetteville-Happy Valley Tour38, 49, 63 milesFayFlat Route (F)Map+CueSearch Rides
Fay-6Fayetteville-Lakeport Tour30 miles milesFayFlat Route (F)Map+CueSearch Rides
Fay-1Leatherstocking Century37,67,100 milesFaySomewhat Hillier (sH)Map+CueSearch Rides
Fay-2xManlius-Oneida Lake Century100 milesFayFlat to Rolling (F/R)MapCueSearch Rides