Onondaga Cycling Club

Cycling in Central NY since 1972


Jam-5Clark Hollow-Truxton Foliage Ride26, 50, 55 milesJamSomewhat Hillier (sH)Map+CueSearch Rides
JamRes-1Ironman 70.3 Warm up Ride22, 55 milesJamResGenerally Rolling (gR)Map+CueSearch Rides
Jam-2Jamesville Beach Rides16, 20, 23 milesJam.ARolling to Hilly (R-H)Map+CueSearch Rides
Jam-6Jamesville Century52, 100 milesJamRolling to Hilly (R-H)MapCueSearch Rides
Jam-1Pompey-LaFayette Rides23, 36 milesJam.AVery Hilly (VH)Map+CueSearch Rides
Jam-1RThe Apulian Way18,31 milesJamRolling to Hilly (R-H)Map+CueSearch Rides