Onondaga Cycling Club

Cycling in Central NY since 1972


SyrS-1Green Hills - Nedrow Rides21, 32, 39 milesSyrSGenerally Rolling (gR)Map+CueSearch Rides
SyrS-2Half Mile Rides25, 41 milesSyrSRolling to Hilly (R-H)Map+CueSearch Rides
SyrS-1dNedrow-Marcellus Metric Century37, 63 milesSyrSRolling to Hilly (R-H)Map+CueSearch Rides
SyrS-3Not the Onondaga Nation29, 34 milesSyrSVery Hilly (VH)Map+CueSearch Rides
SyrS-2LOne Mile Ride47 milesSyrSVery Hilly (VH)Map+CueSearch Rides
SyrS-4Shut Up Legs!46 milesSyrSVery Hilly (VH)Map+CueSearch Rides