Onondaga Cycling Club

Cycling in Central NY since 1972


Tul-2Apulia-Taylor Tour53 milesTulRolling to Hilly (R-H)Map+CueSearch Rides
Tul-8Climbing Through Cortland County49, 72 milesTulVery Hilly (VH)Map+CueSearch Rides
Tul-7Four Counties Tour30, 47, 62 milesTulRolling to Hilly (R-H)Map+CueSearch Rides
Tul-5Loring Crossing & Lighthouse Hill35 miles milesTulGenerally Rolling (gR)Map+CueSearch Rides
Tul-100aPopulaire65 milesTulRolling to Hilly (R-H)Map+CueSearch Rides
Tul-10nSong Lake Leisure Ride10 milesTulFlat to Rolling (F/R)Map+CueSearch Rides
Tul-10Song Lake Sojourn21, 31, 39 milesTulSomewhat Hillier (sH)Map+CueSearch Rides
Tul-12Song Mountain Road Race (new)200927 milesTulRolling to Hilly (R-H)Map+CueSearch Rides
Tul-11Song Mountain Road Race Course34 milesTulSomewhat Hillier (sH)Map+CueSearch Rides
Tul-6aTim's Tully Trex17,26,28 milesTulGenerally Rolling (gR)Map+CueSearch Rides
Tul-9Tully-Cortland31, 43, 60 milesTulFlat Route (F)Map+CueSearch Rides