Onondaga Cycling Club

Cycling in Central NY since 1972


Chit-3Chittenango-Oneida Ride34, 62 milesChitFlat Route (F)Map+CueSearch Rides
Chit-11bChittenango-Westernville Century50, 62, 75, 103 milesChitFlat to Rolling (F/R)Map+CueSearch Rides
Chit-10Happy Valley-McConnellsville Century61, 72, 100 milesChitGenerally Rolling (gR)Map+CueSearch Rides
Chit-2Hilly Sunday24, 51, 68 milesChitVery Hilly (VH)Map+CueSearch Rides
Chit-5Jim Ryan's Famous Hilly Ride29 milesChitSomewhat Hillier (sH)Map+CueSearch Rides
Chit-4Oniontown and The Mucklands20, 33 milesChitFlat Route (F)Map+CueSearch Rides
Chit-1Rolling Saturday33, 46, 59 milesChitRolling to Hilly (R-H)Map+CueSearch Rides
Chit-6The Ridges of Madison County34,55,63 milesChitSomewhat Hillier (sH)Map+CueSearch Rides
Chit-9Wampsville Rides33, 48 milesChitRolling to Hilly (R-H)Map+CueSearch Rides