Every Tuesday in the Summer 6pm at Reed Webster Park, Camillus

The weekly Tuesday Night “Slow’n Easy Rides” are for people who are new to cycling or just don’t want to go fast or just can’t; you may have noticed the latter has happened to some of us.


  • if you are new to riding or just starting again;
  • if you want to ride on roads with little or no traffic;
  • if you want a ride that is relatively flat;
  • if you want to bring the kids along for a slow group ride;
  • if you are an experienced rider who only wants to go slowly and look around more;

—then the 6:00PM Tuesday night Slow’n Easy Ride is the one for you.

There will always be at least two experienced riders present to help with equipment and to offer advice.  Our goal is to provide every participant with a fun experience as well as one where they can gain more knowledge about our sport and maybe even a higher level of fitness, but let’s not get carried away.

The rides will be chosen to fit the group that shows up and no one will be left behind.  At first, the rides will likely be no longer than 5-10 miles with few (if any) hills and frequently along the Erie Canal.  As the season progresses and our riders gain more confidence in their cycling abilities, we will probably get more ambitious and lengthen the rides a bit.  However, they will never be beyond the abilities or inclinations of everyone who shows up.


The one firm requirement for participating is that you wear a bicycle helmet and have a bicycle; whatever type you like to ride.  Beyond that, it’s good to carry a water bottle, and the basic repair kit consisting of tire patches or extra tube, a pump and a tool or two.  Our ride leaders will be glad to help with whatever on the road repair needs to be made.


Riding the challenging ride with Tom? These are the ride option maps  (only one option offered each week):
Click PDF to print the map, use GPS to download the route to your GPS bike computer.


Questions??? Contact Mike Lyon ridebent@twcny.rr.com 315-399-7251; Tony Baleno abaleno@twcny.rr.com.