Below are some tips for riding with the Onondaga Cycling Club.  These are by no means exhaustive, they are intended to help the beginner in riding with a group as well as provide information on important rules and traffic laws each rider should know, and follow.

Rider Responsibilities

  1. Know your limitations.  Don’t plan on your first ride of the season being a century if you haven’t had any time to train for it.
  2. Be prepared.  Bring adequate water or sports drink and food.  You can’t rely on the riders around you to support you, they have to carry their own food!
  3. Have spare parts and tools for a mechanical mishaps ( i.e spare tube, pump, and necessary tools) and the knowledge to use them.  You may be alone when you get a flat.
  4. A helmet is required on all club rides.
  5. Riders are expected to comply with all traffic laws and customs on all club rides.  See below.
  6. Be sure to sign in for all rides, and to sign out as well (or, if you’re riding directly home, please inform the ride leader so they won’t look for you).  Our ride leaders are volunteers and they have better things to do than track down all the riders after the ride when all the cars have left the lot!

Rules of the road

A synopsis of the bike laws of New York State and information we are all responsible to know.  Remember: Ignorance is no excuse for the law.

 Paceline Etiquette

A primer on riding in a paceline with other riders.  It’s important to remember how your actions affect those around you.