Onondaga Cycling Club

Cycling in Central NY since 1972


Brew-10Brewerton-Mt. Pleasant Ride29, 45, 50 milesBrewFlat Route (F)Map+CueSearch Rides
Brew-12Circumnavigation of Oneida Lake56 milesBrewFlat Route (F)Map+CueSearch Rides
Brew-9LCROS-WE-GO51,65,78 milesBrewFlat to Rolling (F/R)Map+CueSearch Rides
Brew-9TTCROS-WE-GO Time Trial30,42,70 milesBrewFlat to Rolling (F/R)Map+CueSearch Rides
Brew-7Little Salmon River-Dutch Hill41 milesBrewFlat to Rolling (F/R)Map+CueSearch Rides
Brew-3MS 50 Mile Tour25 48 55 milesBrewGenerally Rolling (gR)Map+CueSearch Rides
Brew-A-1Oneida Lake-Cicero Swamp25-35 milesBrew-AFlat Route (F)Map+CueSearch Rides
Brew-2Oneida River Tour42 milesBrewFlat Route (F)Map+CueSearch Rides
Brew-1LThe Brewerton-Caughdenoy Ride43 milesBrewGenerally Rolling (gR)Map+CueSearch Rides
Brew-1The Brewerton-Caughdenoy Rides19,30 milesBrewGenerally Rolling (gR)Map+CueSearch Rides
Brew-8aTour de Little France31, 62 milesBrewGenerally Rolling (gR)Map+CueSearch Rides
Brew-8Tour de Little France 2100 milesBrewFlat to Rolling (F/R)Map+CueSearch Rides