The “Ride Leader Packet” contains all the information needed by a ride leader: rules for a ride leader, sign-up forms for 60 riders, a member sign-up form, and insurance forms. Please use the extra member sign-up form for popular rides where more riders are expected.

Never lead a ride before? Its easy
  1. Show up a bit early with the leader packet you downloaded this page and a few maps,
  2. Be sure the guests sign the “Guest Waiver” and not the member sign in sheet,
  3. Begin the ride on time,
  4. Go for a nice ride (you don’t have to even ride if don’t want to),
  5. Be there when the last person returns,
  6. Mail/e-mail in the paper work.
There are multiple ways of finding a ride you want to lead:
  • Just scan the calendar pages month by month and look for the yellow and red (ya you can’t miss it) “Leader Needed” tag. Click on that day and you’ll see the ride details and the link to sign up.
  • Use the Leader Needed page to see a list of all rides that still need leaders. Each listing will have a link to that you to the ride’s page to learn about the ride and to sign up.
  • Use the Map Starting Locations page to find a ride that starts near you or in your favorite area. Each location has a link to view all ridesscheduled to start from there. Look for ride that needs a leader and follow the link to view the ride and sign up.
  • Use the calendar page’s Search function to search for a ride by name or ride code. Again you can follow the link to the ride’s page.

You sign up for a ride using the link on the ride’s page.

Please make sure that you have maps that match all of the mileages given in the ride schedule. Some rides have all routes on a single map and others use several maps.

Don’t forget the route rating column on  the sign-in sheet that allows the riders to rate the route. Please ask the riders to take time when they return to give it a grade (A to D). Please ask them to rate the route, not the weather, the number of flats they got or you (the ride leader).